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The Dana Girls Guide

Mark Woodcock

First Edition, 172 pages. A guide to another series.

Guess which one.

ISBN 978-1-891388-05-7   $17.95

Hardy and Hardy Investigations

Tony Carpentieri with Paul Mular

Seventh Edition, 920 pages in three perfect-bound volumes. Plus a CD with more info!

Hmmm. Maybe if I get motivated I'll put all the supplemental information up here. Save me a couple of bucks on blank CDs. Oh, let's do it! See the green links below. Use 'em as you like - but give credit where credit is due.



All_proper_nouns (228).pdf



Complete_text_all_228_volumes (hehe).pdf

ISBN 978-1-891388-06-4   $44.44

The Hardy Boys from 1927 to 2016 including all the information you ever wanted to know (along with some stuff you probably don't care about.)

Open a PDF file for The Tower Treasure section. Just about the complete seventh edition version, though formatting and pagination are off somewhat.

The House on the Cliff

Leslie McFarlane’s original 1927 text. Includes The House on the Cliff section of Hardy and Hardy Investigations. 212 + p pages.

ISBN 978-1-891388-12-5   $12.95

The Lost Hardys: A Concordance

Robert L. Crawford

ISBN 978-1-891388-09-5   $17.95

Who, what, when, where of the original (pre-revision) 38 volumes of the Hardy Boys series. Now with a perfect binding. 86 pages.

Download a PDF file of the first few pages of the text.

Schoolgirl Shamuses, Inc.

Melanie Knight. First edition, third printing. Now perfect bound in two volumes. Trixie, Ginny, Robin, and Meg.

ISBN 978-1-891388-07-1   $24.95

The Secret of the Old Mill

Leslie McFarlane’s original 1927 text. Includes The Secret of the Old Mill section of Hardy and Hardy Investigations. 214 + q pages.

ISBN 978-1-891388-13-2   $12.95

The Tower Treasure

Leslie McFarlane’s original 1927 text. Includes The Tower Treasure section of Hardy and Hardy Investigations. 214 + s pages.

ISBN 978-1-891388-11-8   $12.95

The Vicki Barr Encyclopedia: The Who, What, When, and Especially Where of the Vicki Barr, Flight Stewardess Series

Michael Cornelius. First edition, second printing. Again, perfect bound. Title says it all! 278 pages.

ISBN 978-1-891388-08-8   $17.95


Sorry, we no longer have any copies of:

Series Books and the Media; or, This Isn't All

Frank and Joe Turn Blue

Clark's Guide to Margaret Sutton's Judy Bolton Mysteries

The Adventures of Susan Slut

The Girls' Series Companion

A Guide to Judy Bolton Country

Well, feel free to send an email. If I do have the rights to a title you desire, I'll discuss it with the author(s) if applicable, and get back to you. Well, not Susie, 'cause no one really knows who has the rights to the individual stories anymore. And not SBaTM, since I'd need to shell out a bunch of bucks to David and Ilana, so much that it isn't worth it to anyone. And Laurie seems to have disappeared. But, heck, I'll hand print F&JTB if you want it. And the others? Go for it!

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